Jagdeep CNC Rail/Thick web Planers are specially designed and developed in-house with years of experience and expertise, as an import subtitle for machining of railway Switches, Points and Crossings. Jagdeep heavy duty CNC RAIL/Thick web planers can also be used for machining of two thick web switches at a me. It consists of 2 RAM on Cross-Slide for heavy duty machining and high productivity. Jagdeep CNC Rail Plano-Miller are known for quality, accuracy, consistent performance. Manufactured with graded casting as per IS standards and quality components. Jagdeep CNC Rail Plano-Millers machines are operating successfully at numerous registered railway vendors' plants.

Technical Specification of CNC Rail Plano-Miller

Models Unit Model 13.5 M Model 8.5 M Model 06 M
Length of Stroke MM 13500 8500 6000
Length of Bed MM 27000 17000 12000
Width Between Column MM 19000 19000 19000
Width of Table MM 1700 1700 1700
Z-Axis Travel MM 500 500 500
X-Axis Servo Motor N-M 70 70 70
Y-Axis Servo Motor N-M 40 40 40
Z-Axis Servo Motor N-M 40 40 40
Table Feed and Rapid mm/min 1-5000
Spindle Motor KW 30
Milling Spindle RPM (With 2 Speed Gear Box) MM

*Customization in above is available, as per customer requirement.

Standard Features

  • Control Panel
  • MPG Whee
  • 2 RAM Head on Cross-Slide
  • Precise Gear Box Rack & Pinion system for Table Feed
  • Automatic Lubrication Systems
  • 2 Speed Gear Box for Milling Spindle
  • Panel AC
  • Hydraulic Counter Balance for Both RAMs
  • Telescopic covers for table
  • Bellow Covers for Cross-Slide

Optional Accessories

Chip Conveyor